Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday conditions, Dec 16, details

Skate grooming is excellent up the microwave Road, including classic track

The haul road is excellent skate grooming, includes classic track

The old cabin Trail is groomed with the crisp classic track

Big Pine is groomed for skate, and includes a classic track. There are granite rocks at the top, near where Big Pine intersects with the Haul Road, watch out for them. The track is still a bit narrow, and the hill is difficult to skate, skiing it clockwise.

Porky Pine is groomed for skating, but still narrow and a bit roly-poly

All in all things are looking fabulous. It appears the groomers are working on porcupine and on big Pine to widen things out to make room for classic track and for better skating. They are performing miracles.

Bruce Newell

Conditions report, Tuesday

26°, firmed up overnight and rerolled, very good for skating. Very good to excellent for skating, actually. Crisp new classic track. Glorious!thank you groomers, thank you Emmet.

Bruce Newell
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Looking for Tele Boots

Hello all,

I am searching for size 10(U.S. Size) telemark boots and a pair of skate skis preferably with NNN bindings for a 170 lb guy.  Please let me know if you have either of these items to sell.  

Thanks for the grooming.  I look forward to another year of great skiing.


Conditions Report, Mac Pass, Monday 15 December

About 25 degrees, sunny, good coverage everywhere. A little ice about 100 yards in from the Parking Lot, otherwise, ice-free. No rocks spotted on Porcupine, although we know they're lurking there… somewhere. With the shallow snowpack, there are a few places where the grooming is non-continous, so as always, it's important to pay attention.

Everything is firmer than it was Sunday, but things are still pretty soft. Trails were rolled this morning, it looks like. Skaters are digging diagonal trenches if they push off hard. No classic track yet, but it looks as if one might be coming soon. Swix Extra-Blue worked well for a kick wax.

Ski season appears to be here. Skiing is very good. Wahoo.

Bruce Newell

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Conditions report, Mac Pass

Trails are groomed for skating, good cover save a rock at the top of big Pine. Lots of snow, 26 degrees. Extra blue working for classic skiers. No classic track. A little soft for skating, But pretty darn good. Get on up here!

Bruce Newell

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Great skiing. Feels like spring. Great coverage an...

Great skiing. Feels like spring. Great coverage and a skiff of new snow. Nearly all trails groomed. Great start to the season!

MacDonald Pass Trails Conditions Report

The pass was rolled and/or groomed yesterday, and some trails are in really good shape (Haul Road especially)!  There is a good base, but more snow is needed to make things ideal.  A few icy spots and some grass poking through here and there, but I still got to ski 10 K yesterday.  It's pretty firm at the beginning right now, and no classic tracks are set (not possible without more snow).  It's better for skating right now, although it is softer on Porcupine and it would be easier to classic there.

Reported by Caroline Pharr